Pedal Power Marple provides a unique service in the Stockport/Marple area. Our qualified mechanics can repair your bike at your convenience - you don't even need to leave your house!. We'll repair on-site or collect and return at a time convenient to you. We can also complete custom builds, assemble boxed bikes, build wheels - you name it - we an help. No job to small or big. See our price list, or contact us via email or phone for a specific query or quote.

Price List

No job is to small for Pedal Power Marple. We can fix punctures right through to custom bike builds. Contact us for a specific quote.

  • Safe to Ride

    1 hour and up - Starting at £25

    All Nut, Bolts & Fixings checked and set to correct torque Gears and Brakes checked & adjusted Tyres checked & Pressure set Bike is Safe to Ride *Excludes Cost of Parts
  • Regular Service

    2 hours and up - From £50

    All bearings checked and adjusted where needed. Wheels checked for True and Spokes checked for tension. Drivetrain Inspected, mechs checked and lubricated, cables lubricated or replaced where needed, gear hanger alignment checked, chain wear checked & replaced if needed. Brakes checked, cables lubricated & replaced if needed, pad wear checked and replaced if needed Tyres checked and set to pressure. Tubeless Sealent topped up if required. All bolts & Fixing checked to ensure bike is safe to use. Optional £10 Drivetrain Degrease. *Excludes Cost of Parts
  • Full Service

    3 hours and up - From £80

    Wheels Trued, Bearings checked, adjusted or replaced if required. Freehub pawls lubricated. Drivetrain Inspected, degreased, then fully lubricated, wear checked and parts replaced where needed. Brakes checked, cables lubricated & replaced if needed, pad wear checked and replaced if needed. Hydraulic brakes bled if needed, callipers cleaned, pistons lubed (£10 extra each end) Headset & Bottom Bracket Stripped, cleaned & greased or replaced if necessary. Tyres, sealent & pressure checked. Bolts / Fixings Checked & Torqued *Excludes Cost of Parts
  • Winter Ready

    Duration varies - Starting at £35

    Top Up of the greases on the main areas of vulnerability during the wet & gritty months. Plus a check over and tune up of the rest of the bike.
  • Custom - Tell me what you require.

    Duration varies - Ask for price

    If you have specific requirements please get in touch for a bespoke price. Hourly rate £25.
  • Boxed Bike Assembly

    Duration varies · Starting at £20

    Unwrap & Assemble Bike Price will vary depending on amount of assembly required and the number of adjustments needed to ensure smooth operation.
  • Tubeless Set Up - Per Wheel

    Duration varies - Starting at £15

    *Assuming Rim is taped, Valve Supplied and tyre is tubeless ready. Quality Sealent Used. Additional £5 for re-tape Valves can be Supplied from £5 Tyres can be supplied - all brands.
  • Brake Bleed (per brake)

    Duration varies - £20

    Brake Lever & Calliper checked and cleaned Pistons Lubricated System Flushed & Bled Calliper Aligned & Pistons Balanced
  • Adjust Brakes - Per End

    Duration varies - Starting at £10

    *Excludes Cost of Parts
  • Adjust Gears

    Duration varies - Starting at £15

    *Excludes Cost of Parts
  • Replace Chain

    Duration varies - £10

    *Excludes Cost of Parts
  • Headset Service / Replacement

    Duration varies - Starting at £15

    *Excludes Cost of Parts
  • Hub Service

    Duration varies - Starting at £15

    Front £15 Rear £20 *excludes costs of parts.
  • Wheel Build

    Duration varies - Starting at £40

    We can complete a rim swap or build you a custom wheel to your specification or can recommend a suitable build for your needs.
  • Suspension Service

    Duration varies - Starting at £85

    Your fork or shock will be removed from the bike and inspected. The seals will be replaced and fresh fluid added.
  • Suspension Pivot Bearing Replacement

    Duration varies · Starting at £60

    Contact us for a bike specific Quote. For example a Santa Cruz would be £60 due to ease of replacement whereas a YT Capra requires full rear end disassembly so would be £120. Bearings used are high quality LLU MAX and/or Enduro.
  • Fix Puncture / Replace Tube

    Duration varies - £5

    *Excludes Cost of Parts * Additional £5 Charge if Wheel needs removing from the bike.
  • Custom Bike Build

    Duration varies · Starting at £75

    We can build you a bike of your dreams or a bike to a budget, or a frame swap. We can source all parts or you can provide everything (or a mix). Prices start at £75 for a Road Bike with rim brakes and external cables. Labour charge will increase for internal cable routing, hydraulic brakes, frame swaps (dismantling prior to build) and full suspension bikes.
  • Maintenance Classes

    Duration varies - £25

    Bespoke training courses to help you repair and maintain your bike. The courses can be one to one or shared one to two.

Club Rides

Road bike

We are affiliated with SK6 Spinners club, get in touch by searching online

Mountain bike

Social rides varying in pace and difficulty from 10 - 30 miles around the Peak District, riding out from Marple. To join us email your full name, mobile number, I.C.E. details and we'll be in touch.